What to expect

My workshops are built around the latest trends and studies. Full of energy, highly interactive, and results-driven activities across different topics - diving into high performance and wellbeing habits, digital work-life tricks for productivity and happiness, biohacking, and many more. 

All the workshops have two goals - empower and execute. The first goal is to bring a wave of fresh air, energy and know-how that inspires and creates a deeper understanding of the topics. The second one is providing tangible and actionable outcomes, a set of methods and tools, that participants can bring home and start practicing right away.


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  • Introduction to Nordic Biohacking
  • N=1
  • Framework for action
  • How to chose tech for biohacking
  • My top biohacks
  • What biohack will you try
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  • Three levels of change
  • Habit scorecard and loop
  • 3 habits for top performance
  • The TAR model
  • How to build new habits
  • How to get rid of the habits you don't want
  • Simple implementation steps
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Client testimonial 

Anna Cappi

Learning Manager at Talent Garden

Mads is a knowledgeable, inspiring, and engaging speaker whom we are always proud and happy to include in our training programs and conferences. His expertise in habits, healthtech innovation and biohacking has been a much appreciated and vital perspective in many of our programs and I can highly recommend him.

Participant testimonial

Jonas Sveistrup

PhD and Manager at Deloitte 

I invited Mads to share his expertise in Nordic Biohacking as our team at Deloitte is always looking for smart solutions to nurture general health and increase team productivity. Having a consulting background himself, Mads quickly assessed what were the most relevant practices for us and shared tons of insights. His energy, passion, and expertise definitely made this workshop actionable and very valuable

Customized talks and workshops 

I work with various clients from different companies and industries. Thus, I tend to customize workshop topics and dynamics to meet their internal needs better. Most of my tailored talks and workshops cover a wide range of growth-related topics: Performance, Biohacking, Digital work-life habits and routines, Personal development, Happiness, Health, Entrepreneurship, and Venture building. Please reach out if you think there might be a match. 

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Client testimonial 

Henrik Christian Højstrøm

External Lecturer at Copenhagen University

As an external lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, I had the pleasure of bringing in Mads Friis as a guest lecturer into my class, "Project Management in Organizations". It is a practice-oriented class where students are presented with tools to help them lead a diverse range of projects within the framework of organizations. With a high-energy lecture on personal efficiency and "biohacking", Mads inspired the students with his insights and tangible takeaways. It is clear that Mads is a well-versed and well-formulated communicator who succeeds - even in online format - to engage and facilitate the students' acquisition of knowledge. It was a pure pleasure to be a participant myself and experience the students' enthusiasm. In addition, Mads’ guest lecture received a very positive evaluation from the students. I would happily recommend Mads’ abilities as a communicator and facilitator.

Participant testimonial

Naba Alfayadh

Medical Doctor & Associate Consultant at Bain & Company

What really stood out about Mads & which made him completely different to everyone else I've encountered was how passionate he was about his work and how much he cared about our success personally. He was extremely invested in making sure that we see the value of what he's sharing and how different ideas & resources can help each of us individually. He went so much above & beyond what his 'job description' would have been and spent so much time with each of us to ensure that we benefited. Almost every lunch time, break, and social event was spent coaching us and supporting us and making sure that we got maximum value out of the Bootcamp.

Lastly, Mads is extremely fun to be around and makes classes super engaging! Loved the movement and the energy!