#78: Teemu Arina - Natural biohacks

Jun 14, 2021

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The best biohacks are usually free


You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money to hack your biology, most of the effective hacks are usually free or can be found in your own front yard. Does that shock you, well it is understandable if it does because most of the commercially available biohacks usually cost a lot and are marketed in ways to get you to buy as much of it, in this episod Teemu sheds more light on the subject of biohacking. 


Teemu Arina is a well known name in bio-hacking circles he is one of the authors of “Biohackers Handbook” & co-founder and curator of the Biohacker Summit. In 2015 he received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO) for “Humanity in Digitization”.


Teemu walks us through the wisdom he has gained through his years of biohacking, He also goes through the general bio markers one can watch out for and the best part is most of the biohacks that Teemu talks about are things you can get started with right away without spending a lot of money.


“Most beneficial biohacks are ones that speeds recovery rather than ones for performance”


If you are new to biohacking or just looking for more clarity on the topic, this is the place to start. 




1:50 What is Biohacking & How to use it to your advantage

9:45 Teemu’s favorite bio-hacks

19:10 General biomarkers to watch out for optimal health

30:55 Natural hacks

40:31 Teemu’s advice for a good life

45:14 Where you can find Teemu Arina


Connect with Teemu Arina

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tar1na/ 




Teemu Arina: https://www.teemuarina.com/ 

Biohacking Book: https://store.biohackingbook.com/ 

Biohacking Summit: https://new.biohackersummit.com/ 


Teemu Arina has co-authored the book “Biohacking Handbook” along with Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Dr. Olli has joined us on growth island before, you can find the episode here: https://www.growthisland.com/blog/16-dr-olli-sovijarvi-concrete-steps-to-getting-better-deep-sleep%2F

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