#68: Sean Percival - Building a startup with a serial entrepreneur, investor and former VP at Myspace

career & education podcast Mar 30, 2021

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 Success is not final, failure is not fatal. This is what Churchill said through one of its darkest periods. Entrepreneurship is often drawn in bright colors but what does it actually take to become real success? Have you ever wondered if you had what it takes to launch a startup? 


A recent Growth Island podcast guest Sean Percival, who is a serial entrepreneur, investor, author, and a former VP at Myspace will walk us through a journey of building a venture. Sean has helped hundreds of startups on growth marketing and fundraising and he has also invested into and founded over a dozen himself.


This episode takes you through the essentials you need to know prior to starting your venture. Sean talks us through the motives behind entrepreneurship, the path to success, and even more importantly, the bounce-back factor and how to fail with integrity.


Sean also shares his best practises for overcoming challenges, advice for adopting good habits and thoughts on living a happy, healthy and meaningful life. 

Show Notes


0:30 Introduction to Sean Percival

1:35 How did you become who you are today

2:40 What are the most common questions from people looking to launch their startup?

5:50 Working with co-founders

11:20 Managing a startup during COVID-19

14:40 What do investors expect from startups?

19:15 Winning when failing a startup

21:10 Common misconceptions about startups

23:10 What are the things you wish you knew earlier about the startups?

26:00 What is your practice for overcoming challenges?

28:30 Decision making process

32:30 Hiring employees in a startup

35:00 How to invest in startups

38:10 How to source investors?

40:05 Life after COVID-19

44:01 Put your phone in a drawer for 30 days

48:00 Sean’s habits

49:40 Sean’s final advice for living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life

Connect with Sean Percival


Website: https://seanpercival.com/


Sean’s books: https://seanpercival.com/bibliography/

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