#57: Sarah Turner – Why Athletes are Using Red Light Therapy and How You Can Benefit From It

health & fitness performance podcast Nov 10, 2020

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 Red Light Therapy or more correctly Photobiomodulation has been one of the hottest subjects in the health and biohacking space the last year. And there is a good reason for that. The number of scientific papers that document the effectiveness is growing massively with papers about everything from joint pains, reducing inflammation, reducing fine lines, hair regrowth, faster recovery, and other subjects. 


It is also one of the biohacks I personally use frequently.


To go deeper into explaining Photobiomodulation I got Sarah Turner on the podcast. 

Sarah is a photobiomodulation expert who works at the frontier with it through Recharge co. Ltd

Originally from the U.K, Sarah Turner has bachelor degrees in Psychology and Biology, Nutritional Medicine, and a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience. She has a scientific research background starting in the pharmaceutical industry, later in the field of novel therapeutic devices and photobiomodulation. Sarah has interviewed some of the world’s most prolific thought-leaders and experts in health and performance, and she brings her passion for communicating groundbreaking scientific ideas to the start-up PBM company ‘Recharge’.

Sarah also directed and is featured in one of the original biohacking/health optimization movies out there – Supercharged. It’s a great movie and explains a number of quantum concepts in a tangible, simple way.

If you are interested in getting a Red Light device then I got Sarah to provide all the Growth Island listeners a special discount of 20% with the code “KICKOFF20” (Valid till 10th of September) – I don’t get any commission for you using the code but I really like their device.


Show Notes 

0:30 Introduction to Sarah Turner

2:05 What brought Sarah into Photobiomodulation and Red Light Therapy?

3:35 What is Photobiomodulation and what makes it important?

6:00 Why is light so important for people?

8:05 Red light and hair regrowth

9:45 What are the applications for the Flexbeam light therapy devices?

12:40 Why are athletes using red light therapy?

16:05 Why do some devices use different wavelengths? 

20:19 How can people test their devices themselves?

22:45 Why you shouldn’t use agriculture grade light panels?

25:00 The difference between red light and sunlight

27:25 Studies on use cases of red light during the day

30:02 The impact on blue light on red light therapy

33:09 How to use a red light device?

36:06 What are some of the use cases for the Recharge device?

40:00 Photobiomodulation and brain treatments

42:12 How long you should use red light therapy?

45:09 Should we expect any new products from Recharge?

42:42 The difference between Red Light and infrared saunas

48:15 Sarah’s habits other than red light

51:24 Where can people connect with Sarah?

52:38 Who inspires Sarah?

55:00 Sarah’s advice for a healthy, happy, and meaningful life


Connect with Sarah Turner


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_rebel_scientist/

Recharge Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theflexbeam/



Multiple links to scientific papers published on the benefit of Photobiomodulation: https://support.theflexbeam.com/knowledge-base/scientific-resources/

FDA Study on Light therapy: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3926176/

Methylene blue: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylene_blue

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