#30: Thomas Sylvest Håkansson – ØkoLyst Health Shots: Juicing for Optimal Health

health & fitness podcast Jun 04, 2019

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 This is a special episode where we’re going to go really deep, really fast into juice and smoothies. And to do that, I got Thomas Sylvest in, he has a master’s in pharmaceutical sciences. So he really knows how chemistry works together. And he’s also the co-founder of something called ØkoLyst, the one seen in the video. They also have bigger juices.


“You are not what you drink, you are what you absorb.”

 – Thomas Sylvest 


During our discussion, you’ll discover:

Why juicing is an important part of one’s journey to healing [01:39]  

  • Thomas states how people rely on packaged juice to help them heal because of the nutrients that it can provide, however as he reveals, people don’t realize that they are losing fibers that the body could absorb. It’s better to blend to absorb the nutrients from vegetables or fruits, as he explains.


How to extract the juice and the need to get quality juice [03:06]

  • Centrifugal juicers vs. Slow juicers, which are better to use in juicing, Thomas enumerates the difference as he specifies the mechanism of each. He also tackles the importance of antioxidants as oxidation in your body as he provides examples for a more precise idea. But really, how long does the juice lasts after you blend them, and how will you store it after mixing? As you go by this podcast, Thomas will tell you how. 


How to store fresh juice to maximize nutrition [11:30]

  • Typically, we put our juices in the fridge to store it to last, but what is the ideal temperature we can set by not sacrificing its taste and its quality? Thomas provides an idea of how to store it better based on the study that they performed with ginger. They also conducted studies based on turmeric and pepper and the benefits of these to your body as you add it in your juice. 


Increasing bioavailability of antioxidants [14:23]

  • In case you’re not able to juice per se, and you need to buy commercialized juice in the market, what are the things you need to consider before you choose one? Listen to Thomas as he gives a piece of advice about what are the things to consider before buying. 


ØkoLyst Health Shots’ mission, why Thomas started the company [18:43]

  • The need to measure the strength and potency of your food
  • Finding good use of pulp after taking the juice out of it
  • The proportion of vegetables to juice to get the most nutrients
  • Thomas understands the importance of knowing what you drink, that’s why he came up with a mission with ØkoLyst to transform the view on foods and to get the knowledge from pharmaceuticals to measure the strength and potency of a food. He said, “secure the transparency and to make sure that the consumer has the transparency to take the product where they get the most antioxidant effect for the money.” 
  • It’s fascinating to know, as an expert, what sort of recipes does Thomas prepares for himself. On the remaining minutes of this podcast, he shares what type of juice he makes for himself and how this recipe helps regulates his blood sugar as well as how it promotes a healthy digestive system. 



  1. Just get started juicing. Buy that juicer.
  2. Get some nutrients in your body.
  3. Thomas’ everyday recipe: 6-8 celery stalks + 1 cucumber + 1 lime



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