#26: Anette Sams – The Truth About Sugar and How to Reverse Diabetes 2

health & fitness podcast Apr 09, 2019

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 How do you reverse diabetes 2 through food and exercise? That is part of what this podcast episode is about. It also turns out this knowledge can help adults whether you have diabetes or not! How do we then take that knowledge into something fun and stop the shaming around food? That is part of the mission that Anette Sams is on. She is one of the leading experts in Denmark on the subject. She is a pharmacist with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology. Anette is a former Diabetes Biology Specialist and Director at Novo Nordisk. She is also the author of “The Truth About Sugar”  and “Getting out of Diabetes 2”.


Understanding the truth about sugar is part of the equation to reversing diabetes 2, getting out of several chronic symptoms, and staying healthy. Anette provides concrete tools to take control of your health.


“We have to think of sugar like the way we think of fuelling our car. We fuel it, and then we drive and then when the tank is empty or nearly empty, we can fuel again. But it’s the period between the two fuels where you perform the best.”

– Anette Sams  


01:53 –  Why she left an excellent job, being a diabetes specialist and director

06:36 – The truth about sugar as it relates to diabetes, talking about her book, “The Truth About Sugar”

09:30 – What is “Biological Logic”

10:45 – What the fibre wall in fruits and vegetables mean and how it helps in releasing nutrients to the body

14:08 – The benefits of avoiding refined sugar, the Sugars ABC

17:26 – How to get out of Diabetes

20:44 – The refined and unrefined food, how to classify the two

23:03 – What’s in the meals, meal timing, and frequency of meals

27:05 – Her thoughts on going off insulin for three weeks for a particular diet plan

31:03 – The psychological stress of getting healthy

37:32 – One crucial recommendation to restore your ability to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream

39:56 – What has sleep got to do with diabetes 2

40:51 – Thoughts about fasting

43:45 – Giving her advice for a fantastic life



  1. Believe in yourself and get that basic biology knowledge. It’s fascinating!
  2. Start spoiling yourself with the right food
  3. Start feeding your microbiota







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