#114: Dr. Alessandro Prigione - Using Stem Cells to Grow Back Eye Sight and Other Interesting Applications

biology health & fitness Jul 25, 2022

Soon women will be able to reproduce on their own.


This statement may scare some of you or may be comforting to know, but it’s all thanks to the power of stem cells. I have with me an esteemed guest Dr. Alessandro Prigion on the show this week.


Dr. Alessandro Prigion is a professor of Pediatric Metabolic Medicine at the Medical Faculty of Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, Germany and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Stem Cell Research (Elsevier). He’s the person you talk to when you need to learn anything about stem cells.


In this episode we discuss:

👉 What are stem cells

👉 The use cases of stem cells

👉 The ethical issues it poses

👉 The power of cell reprogramming

👉 Limitations of stem cells

👉 Understanding and strengthening your mitochondria

👉 And so much more…


If you're interested in learning more about stem cells this is the place to start.


1:17 Dr. Prigion’s journey into researching stem cell

2:52 What are stem cells?

10:09 What can we accomplish using stem cells today and in the future

12:48 Rejuvenating the eye using stem cells

14:20 Homosexual couples can get pregnant

15:49 Can we build our muscles using stem cells

17:35 The uses of stem cells

21:42 The ethics involved when working with stem cells

25:05 Is creating organs with stem cells the same as 3d printing it

 26:54 Genome editing with CRISPR CAS the 3 pillars of health

29:07 Limitations for longevity using stem cells

30:53 Research is hard work

32:30 How to know the real breakthroughs from the scams

34:36 Understanding mitochondria

37:36 Strengthening your mitochondria

39:30 What Dr. Prigion to stay on the top of his game

41:34 Dr. Prigion’s advice for living a happy, healthy, and meaningful life 

43:36 Where you can find Dr. Prigion


Connect with Dr. Alessandro Prigion


Twitter: https://twitter.com/aleprigio 



Dr. Alessandro Prigion’s Lab Website: https://www.neurosciences-duesseldorf.de/principal-investigators-and-junior-researchers/alessandro-prigione

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