#113: Dr. Helané Wahbeh - The Science Behind Intuition and How to Use It

performance personal development Jul 11, 2022

Ever been told to trust your intuition? What if I told you that there is actually science backing it. 

Helané Wahbeh is the Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and an associate assistant professor at Oregon Health & Science University's Department of Neurology. Her National Institutes of Health-funded VET-MIND study looked into the mechanisms of meditation for combat veterans with PTSD. Healing stress and trauma, investigating mechanisms of mind-body medicine, and systematically exploring advanced human capacities are among her recent research interests.

If you’re currently undergoing a spiritual awakening, this episode will definitely help clear many of your doubts.



00:00 Coming Up

00:25 Introduction

1:29 What is noetic science and what does channelling mean

3:02 Can you locate someone through channelling

4:07 How did Helane get into channelling and noetic science

7:27 How does Helane research on what’s authentic and what isn’t

10:16 Relationship between entanglements and quantum physics

13:00 Current quantifiable research going on in noetic science

15:41 Using remote viewing to earn in sports betting and casinos

19:36 Energy healing and health benefits of channelling

21:31 What is reiki?

27:59 We are all interconnected

32:02 How to take decisions based on your gut

34:35 Helane’s story about intuitive experiences

36:35 Do the most successful CEOs use Intuition or psychics?

38:50 Mindfulness, meditation and its relation with noetic science

42:18 Is the Western world finally catching up?

45:19 Can you touch food and figure out if its best for your body?

48:48 How to tune into your intuition to make the right decision?

53:42 When can people find more about Helane

54:55 Helena’s three advices for a better, healthier and meaningful life


Connect with Helane Wahbeh

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drwahbeh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drwahbeh



Website: https://noetic.org/profile/helane-wahbeh/

Publication: https://www.amazon.com/Science-Channeling-Intuition-Embrace-Connects/dp/1684037158

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