#75: Michael Gebhardt - How to live your best life, now: Advice from an Olympic medallist

career & education fun & recreation health health & fitness performance personal development podcast May 25, 2021
Michael Gebhardt wind surfing. He's a professional Olympic wind surfer

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How do you become not just good, but one of the world's best in whatever you do? 🤸‍♀️

Well, that’s a sentence you can google, but real answers are often more nuanced than a quick Google result. I personally love to learn from either someone who have done what I want to learn or someone who have studied it. 😊

For this episode, I bring to you Michael Gebi. Five times Olympic windsurf participant, winner of many medals, and now a coach and body worker for some of the best athletes in the world. 🔥

Michael shares what has worked for him and his athletes. Today we try to find some tips that you can't just google your way off.

Here are a few questions we’ll explore:

- The mindset and training routines for becoming one of the worlds best
-Resistance training for recovery 
-Michael’s experimentation with food patterns to enhance performance

Listen carefully, for there’s a little gold mine out there if you’re trying to find interesting performance and lifestyle patterns to experiment with. The best part? You learn from the first-hand experience of a top world athlete and coach!

Show notes

0:30 Introduction to Michael and his journey becoming a top Wind Surfer (pre-sunscreen era 😅)

5:00 The sports of the rebels: How wind surfing transformed the cultural mood of the zeitgeist in the 80s America. 

8:00 The journey from good to the best: How Michael took his performance to the next level 

10:00 Sportsperson Lifestyle of the 80s: Advice on Health, performance, and diets from the OG pioneers. 

12:00 Stress and body composition: How different body types react to stress differently (and other fun training stories!) 

13:00 Training techniques: How group training can help enhance performance by setting multiple benchmarks 

14:00 Vegetarianism and performance training: Michael's experiments with different food patterns and perspectives on adaptability. 

18:00 Sleep deprivation and Longevity - Michael's first-hand account on sleep training for better performance. 

20:40 "It's good to be stressed": Personal hacks on how to keep going even when the mind is trying to trick you into giving up. 

21:30 How to be the best version of yourself by training your mindset 

28:00 Performance habits to foster disciplines that show real results 

31:30 Resistance stretching and why it actually works for faster recovery: Michael's personal story on how he found it.

37:00 Physiology of stretching in relation to muscles, injuries, and physical traumas.

42:00 More on Assisted resistance stretching & resistance flexibility strength training

45:00 Michael's 2 cents on flexibility as a key performance indicator, and his experiences from training Olympic athletes


Where to find him

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.gebhardt.3192


Resistance training: https://www.thegeniusofflexibility.com/


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