#87: Dr. Daniel Gartenberg PhD - The Inner Workings of Sleep and How to Hack it

health mental health performance Aug 17, 2021

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Do you use wearables to track or hack your sleep? Have you ever wondered about its accuracy? Well, I have been curious about the latest sleep research for some years now. In my curiosity, I came across Dr. Daniel Gartenberg, a very prominent figure who is at the forefront of sleep research. I have been following his research for more than 3 years. He is also this week's guest on the Growth Island podcast and I'm sure you can learn a lot from him.


Dr. Gartenberg is a sleep scientist with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. He is currently CEO of SleepSpace and an adjunct professor at Penn State University in the Department of Biobehavioral Health. After developing sleep improvement technology for 15 years, Dr. Gartenberg and his team received more than $3 million in grant awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Aging. The goal of this important work is to solve one of our age’s most important healthcare problems affecting billions of people around the world - poor sleep health.

Daniel is an inventor with 4 patents, 10s of peer-reviewed publications, and a viral TED TALK with over 4 million views.


In this episode we discuss

👉 The photoreceptors in your eyes that are sensitive to different kinds of light

👉 Daniel’s latest research findings

👉 Issues with the wearables in the market currently

👉 How sounds and vibrations can help you get better sleep

👉 Sleep advice for insomniacs

👉 Sleep advice for biohackers

👉 Biggest misconceptions about sleep

👉 And so much more...


If you want to learn how to get a better quality of sleep or if you just want to improve your knowledge about the subject of sleep, this episode is for you.



1:30 What got Daniel interested in sleep

4:21 The photoreceptors in your eyes and how they are sensitive to light

8:08 Daniel shares his research findings

16:45 Daniel points out the issues with the algorithms of sleep wearables

19:40 Daniel talks about entraining brain waves through sounds and vibrational stimulation

27:23 Daniels advice to get better sleep for an insomniac

31:40 How biohacker enthusiasts can get better sleep

38:54 Biggest misconceptions about sleep

46:00 Daniels advice for a healthy, happy and meaningful life

47:30 Where you can find Daniel Gartenberg

Connect with Dr. Daniel Gartenberg



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doctor.snooze/ 




Website: https://sleepspace.com/


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