#92: Bob Troia - Quantified Biohacking for a Better Life

health health & fitness performance Oct 05, 2021

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How do you start experimenting with biohacks to find out what works for you?


This was a question that was on my mind a lot when I got into the field of biohacking, You might have heard of my guest in this episode of Growth Island, Bob Troia most commonly known as quantified Bob was one of the pioneers of the bio hacking movement, he stood out as a credible source of information, always backing his claims with research.


Bob is a technology entrepreneur who has launched several successful pioneering digital marketing/technology companies. He is a prominent voice in the biohacking and Quantified Self communities.


In this episode we discuss

👉 His curiosity into biohacking

👉 How to conduct experiments with biohacks

👉 What is analysis paralysis

👉 How much can we trust wearables

👉 How to not be overwhelmed by data

👉 Getting a birds eye view of your health data

👉 Top tools that Bob uses to track his data

👉 Bob’s recommended biohacks

👉 And so much more…


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1:22 Bob’s Journey into biohacking

7:26 How to start experimenting with biohacks

17:40 Bob explains analysis paralysis

23:05 Take the data collected by wearables with a pinch of salt

28:50 How not to be stressed by too much data

33:06 Having a overview of your data

37:03 Bob’s top tools for consolidating data

39:33 Bob’s best biohacks that he recommends

44:47 Bob’s future experiments

51:55 Where can you find Bob Troia

Connect with Bob Troia


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/troia/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Drnpaulvin 




Website: https://www.QuantifiedBob.com

Awesome Labs Website: https://isjustawesome.com 

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