#95: Sergey Young - Growing Young With Science & Technology

health health & fitness performance Nov 16, 2021

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Do you want to live longer? What are inexpensive things you can do to achieve that?


If you have been following my podcasts you would know that I am a big fan of biohacks for longevity and today I have one of the thought leaders when it comes to longevity, he is a best-selling author and an active investor in longevity startups.


Sergey Young, you may know him from his book ‘The Science & Technology of Growing Young’,  He is the founder of Longevity Vision Fund, one of the few longevity-focused funds in the world with a $100M backing, I have been following him for quite some time now and am excited to have him on the show so you can learn from his research.


In this episode we discuss

👉 Sergey’s journey into longevity

👉 What are some of the inexpensive things that you can do today to increase your lifespan

👉 What is the future of longevity as an industry

👉 What to expect from longevity research

👉 Commons myths 

👉 What Sergey focuses on while investing


This is an episode you wouldn’t want to miss, hearing from the pioneers helps shape your understanding of longevity.



1:38 Sergey shares his journey into longevity

4:17 What can we do today to live long healthy lives?

10:10 Where is longevity today and where is it going?

24:56 A better understanding of stem cells

29:03 What to expect from longevity research if you are in your 20s today

30:52 How Sergey got to where he is today

36:41 Sergey busts myths

41:00 Sergeys favorite routines and habits

43:57 The criteria that Sergey focuses on while investing in companies

47:36 Where to find Sergey Young


Connect with Sergey Young


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sergeyyoung200/ 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/sergeyyoung/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sergeyyoung200 




Sergey’s Website: https://sergeyyoung.com/ 

Longevity Vision Fund: https://lvf.vc/ 

Xprize: https://www.xprize.org/ 

The Science & Technology of Growing Young Book: https://sergeyyoung.com/book

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