#73: José Luis Cordeiro - Scientific Secrets to a Life of Eternal Youth

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 Immortality is not just for Draculas and Vampires anymore. You can be young forever too (without any bloodsucking being involved!)

What if we told you that death could be ‘optional’ soon? That technology of the near future will let you reverse your age, and people can become eternally young again!

Sounds ridiculous? Well, this podcast will prove you wrong. 

Over the last few years, Scientists have been able to double the life span of mice, 5x the life span of mosquitoes (stock up on mosquito repellents NOW), and 10x the life span of worms.

Such groundbreaking studies are finally showing up to the party that is our human world, and we’re already talking about the dawn of a post-human age!

For this very special podcast (we’re very excited, and you’ll soon see why), we bring to you the infamous José Luis Cordeiro himself.

Amongst a thousand other things, José is an Engineer, Futurist, and Transhumanist. He believes that Perpetual Life is a science-based church that is open to everyone.

In this podcast he’ll explain to us what Transhumanism means in the world of science, and how you can already start preparing for an immortal life, that could be a real possibility within just a couple of decades!


Show Notes:


0:30 Introduction to José Cordeiro 

1:30 Immortality and rejuvenation technologies: A brief download 

3:00 Bio Regeneration and eternal youth: Why should we want to live

4:47 Can we live forever? Technology, history, and recent
         developments in the field of bio 

7:15 The story of immortal cancer cells (and what they can tell us about

9:45 The Death of Death and Accessibility: Technological
         advancements that will shape the
 future of cellular regeneration
         and eternal living 

17:15 Living long enough to live forever: Three scientific stages of
           achieving immortality

19:45 The science behind immortality: Where do predictive numbers
           and dates around rejuvenation technologies come from 

21:55 Fight aging with the Methuselarity

24:20 TransVison: A Global Conference around Transhumanism
           (Registration link at the end of 

26:45 Why do we need to practice a healthy lifestyle despite     
           advancements in rejuvenation

31:40 Potential consequences of cell rejuvenation on human
           conscience, and how it can 
change our perception of looking at
           risks and living

35:00 Living in the first wave of immortality: What can you do to aid

44:30 Using metformin for longevity 

46:20 Where to find more on Jose Cordeiro 

48:50 Keeping up with the latest in the world of transhumanism:
           People to follow and look out

52: 30 What the COVID-19 pandemic teaches us about Longevity

54:00 Jose's advice on living a healthy, happier life


Connect with José Corderio 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/josecordeiro2019/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josecordeiro/


Jose Cordeiro Wikipedia page

The Singularity is near- Ray Kurzweil

TransVision conference


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