#66: Umahro Cadogan - Simple Framework and Steps for Reversing Vitiligo that has Proven Record Against Many Diseases

health podcast Mar 16, 2021


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How did health become so complicated?


Are potatoes evil? Can you drink milk?


Well, it doesn't have to be so complicated if you get the right guidance. I managed to get one of the functional medicine pioneers in Denmark on the podcast. If functional medicine was music then he would be a true rock star :)

Today's guest, Umahro Cadogan, shares the simple framework for health that he teaches students on his health education. He used the same framework to create “miracles” in his TV show “Food Can Change Your Life”. The TV show features individuals who have been told by the existing system that there was nothing more they could do. Then, Umharo and his colleague manage to get them back on a healthy track with a focus on food.


In this episode, we go through his framework with a fictitious case of Vitiligo to look at what you can do if you have some specific health issues. The framework is universally applicable to different diseases and it also provides you with concrete steps to get started, no matter what your health challenge is.

Show Notes

0:30 Introduction to Umahro Cadogan

2:05 Umahro’s journey to becoming who he is today

14:40 What are the basics for self-health evaluation?

18:05 What is the Autoimmune Protocol Diet?

28:00 Cycling gluten and dairy products out of your diet

34:20 Adding stuff besides your diet to improve your health

41:40 How to know what diet works for you?

50:10 The different types of sugar food consumption

55:00 If you can give advice to someone going through your condition, what would it be?

57:20 How to gain weight appropriately?

1:01:30 Umahro’s final advice for a happy, healthy, and meaningful life

1:05:00 Where can people find out more about you?

Connect with Umahro Cadogan


Website: https://umahro.dk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/umahro/




Umahro’s book: https://nutrimenta.simplero.com/page/83668?_ga=2.184597161.1053385424.1615481986-329428474.1615481986


Umahro’s Course https://umahrouniverse.com/


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