#65: Mads Taersboel - Myths about running and how to keep up your game

health & fitness performance podcast Mar 10, 2021

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 Each step we run consumes movement from 200 muscles 🏃. But you probably got other reasons why you run. Whether it is to compete in races or to stay active. 


To get the secrets of how to run better whether you are a pro or beginner or pro I interviewed Mads Taersboel, one of the fastest 5km runners in the Nordic and a former competitor at the European Championship. Mads is also a person you could spend limitless hours chatting with as he spreads amazing energy, positive vibes, and inspiration.


We will look into the fundamentals of running, motivations, top performance hacks, and tools as well as various methods to keep yourself up with the best running routines. Also, we might find ourselves feeling stuck once we reach our best performance or we start to tumble down due to an injury or lack of motivation. What do we do then?


Mads has founded Peak4ever and he is one of my favorite athlete-nerds that spends lots of time and effort on improving his physical and mental performance. Mads holds a master's degree in Competitive and Elite Sports, he has extensive experience as a high-performing athlete and a running coach, and today Mads will share various tools, tests, and techniques that can help any athlete get a better understanding of their utmost performance capabilities

Show Notes

0:30 Introduction to Mads Taersboel

1:35 How did you get into professional running and into coaching?

4:20 What are the fundamentals of running?

7:05 Why should people get into running and what routes people should start with?

10:40 HIIT training for endurance performance

15:20 How do you choose your best running gear?

19:40 How to get motivated to become a competitive runner?

29:10 How to get Sp02 max and V02 max tests?

32:00 What can we learn from our wearable tracking devices?

37:20 What should you do if you want to reach your top performance level?

39:45 Flexibility and running

42:00 Training approach for busy people

44:00 How to select a good training coach?

46:20 What are your routines?

51:30 What practices from eastern medicine are you following?

53:28 How do you enforce discipline?

56:00 How can people work with you on the health coaching?

59:50 Where can people find out more about you?

1:01:18 Mads’ final advice for a happy, healthy, and meaningful life

Connect with Mads Taersboel


Website: www.peak4ever.com

Mads’ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madstaersboel/





VO2 max: Everything you need to know https://www.cnet.com/health/your-vo2-max-explained/

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