#61: Greg Potter PhD – Easy to implement tips for better sleep

health & fitness performance podcast Jan 05, 2021

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Do you want better sleep? Well, then you might just have to stop wearing your sleep tracker!!! What???🤪 Was the whole point of a sleep tracker not to get better sleep? 😜

Yes it was! But turns out your sleep tracker might just be an additional reason you have poor sleep. Today’s guest on the podcast Greg Potter has a Ph.D. in Sleep, Diet, and Metabolic health and is the second guest to point to the potential damages of sleep trackers (Dr. Michael Tompkins was the first)

😴But sleep trackers are only one of the aspects we touch on. We also go into several very concrete things you can do today to improve your sleep. 😴

Greg’s research has been featured by the likes of the BBC World Service, the Washington Post, and Reuters. He has coached a sprinter to four gold medals at the European Championships. He has also worked with groups such as The United States Naval Special Warfare Command on health and performance optimization. He is now Chief Scientific Officer for the digital health startup Resilient Nutrition.

Shout out to Boomer, host of the podcast Decoding Superhuman for making the introduction to my today’s guest.


Show Notes

0:30 Introduction to Greg Potter PhD

1:20 What got Greg interested in sleep, nutrition, and metabolism?

2:45 What’s a sleeping chronotype?

7:55 Where to start optimizing your sleep health

17:20 Weighted blankets for sleep

18:20 What are the main blocks of sleep quality

22:15 Why you shouldn’t worry before going to bed

26:00 Sleep interventions take time to work

27:10 Sleep tracking gadgets

30:07 The stages of sleep

37:30 What is the gold standard for sleep?

45:20 Sleep paralysis 

48:15 Lucid dreaming

51:45 What is Resilient Nutrition?

1:00:15 Where can people find out more about you?

1:02:35 Greg’s final advice


Connect with Greg Potter, PhD

Research Gate https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Greg_Potter4

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/gdmpotter/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gdmpotter/

Twitter https://twitter.com/gdmpotter/



#46: Dr. Michael Tompkins – How we Sleep and the Quality of Sleep We Need https://www.growthisland.io/blog/46-dr-michael-tompkins-how-we-sleep-and-the-quality-of-sleep-we-need

Waking Up https://wakingup.com/

Resilient Nutrition https://resilientnutrition.com/

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