#48: Key Takeaways from episodes 9 through 12 on becoming the best version of yourself

health & fitness performance personal development podcast Jul 14, 2020

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 Reflection is an integral part of the pursuit of constantly learning new things. This generally involves making connections between the theories you started to practice and your own learning experiences. In this episode, I will walk you through some of the key practices I implemented from the discussions with my guests that are experts in Psychology, Neuroscience, Medical practitioners, Biohackers, and Chiropractors. I talk about my favorite lesson on people being biased I took away from the interview with Dr. Kartik. Next, I discuss how I implemented Dr. Rashid’s strategy for the positive use of electronic devices. Another piece of advice that really resonates with me well is the methodology to empower yourself to overcome body and headaches.


My curiosity about learning new things drove me to try and implement these lessons into my everyday life. It might sound easy and simple when you listen to it, but trying to find the time and place to actually commit to doing these is a lot harder than it sounds 🙂 You might find some of them to be too restrictive and limiting, but believe me that these few had an impact on my way of living.


I strongly encourage you to listen to the very end and really think about all the things you need to do to be able to answer Yes on the final question of this episode.


Show Notes

0:43 Understanding that our perception of the World is very biased

1:54 The beneficial way of using technology in our lives

4:05 The impacts of grounding and earthing with Dasha Maximov

5:56 Empowering yourself to overcome migraines

7:20 When you’ll be at your deathbed and you ask: Did I do everything I could, with everything I had? What do you then need to do right now to be able to answer YES?



#10 Kartik Sreenivasan, Ph.D – The newest research on neuroscience and how you can use that in your life



#11: Dr. Imran Rashid – How to live in a highly digital polluted world and get the most out of technology



#12: Dasha Maximov – How to recover from a heavy brain concussion



#9 Espen Hjalmby – Quantum Living: Setting goals aligned with your Soul’s expression to optimise the function of body, mind, and spirit



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