#39: Dr. Ulrik Hjerpsted: Thoughts on How to Protect Yourself From The Coronavirus

health & fitness podcast Mar 17, 2020

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 How do you best protect yourself from the coronavirus? Something that is on most people’s minds these days. 


I had a chat about this with Dr. Ulrik Hjerpsted who is a vascular surgeon and has been exploring the world of functional medicine since 2001.
It was on the 8th of March, so before all hell broke loose with the closing of borders. The interview is still very relevant and Dr. Hjerpsted predicted that the majority of Danes would get the virus and that it would become a global pandemic.
He also gives his advice on how to take care of our health in general and especially in times when we are more exposed to getting sick because of the circulation of virus’. 



  • How Dr. Hjerpsted got into functional medicine. 01:02
  • What is functional medicine? 02.35
  • Introduction to the subject of the day: Coronavirus 03.35
  • Why are people so worried about the coronavirus? 04:38
  • How to avoid the virus and how to get through without getting too sick. 07:55
  • What food to eat and which supplements to take in order to avoid corona. 12.10
  • Which kinds of clients does Dr. Hjerpsted have as a functional medicine doctor? 14.07 
  • Fasting and the benefits. 18.57
  • Fasting and the coronavirus. 22.02
  • Exposing the body to stress when being sick. 23.30
  • How to get a consultation with Dr. Hjerpsted. 24.35


Final recommendations from Dr. Hjerpsted:

  • Fast, sleep, and get some exercise especially walking  


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