#90: Emilie Glen Colsted - 3 simple psychological hacks that you can do today for free

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Is psychology only for people who are struggling or can anyone benefit from it?


The answer is anyone can benefit from it and use psychological tools to support their growth. On this episode on Growth Island, we have Emilie Glen Colsted who is the lead psychologist at Nuna which I have been part of starting. Nuna is a chatbot-based app with access to 50+ psychological tools for you to feel your best. Tools ranging from psychological venting, breathing exercises to meditation. Nuna is built and trained by psychologists to help you structure your thoughts and feel better.

Emilie has worked with Nuna to bring the 50+ psychological tools to aid users in their mental growth, she is a supporter of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and believes in strong evidence-based approaches to dealing with mental health.


In this episode we discuss

👉 What is psychological venting and how to properly facilitate it

👉 How useful CBT is when paired with technology

👉 The usefulness of healthy escapism

👉 What benefits come with tracking your emotions & mood

👉 How journaling can change your outlook on life

👉 What is Nuna and who can benefit from it

👉 And so much more…


If you are someone struggling with mental growth or just some one looking to explore their mental capacity, you don’t want to miss this episode



00:48 Emilie talks about psychological venting

06:53 Emilie sheds light on the tools in CBT and how technology can aid in its effectiveness

12:53 How to be cautious with healthy escapism

15:39 How tracking your feelings & emotions can be a powerful tool

19:54 How journaling can change your life

24:13 The attitude one should have when using these tools

27:40 These tools can be used by anyone as their support system

29:33 What is Nuna and how it can help

38:00 Emilie’s advice for a better life

40:51 Where you can find Emilie Glen

Connect with Emilie Glen Colsted and Nuna


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/emilie-glen-colsted-715858173/



Nuna: https://www.nuna.ai/ 

50% OFF for Growth Island listeners: https://landing.nuna.ai/growthisland 

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