#29: Martin Tobias – How I Reversed My Cellular Age by About 20 Years in the Last Two Years with Different Biohacks

health & fitness performance personal development podcast May 21, 2019

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 One IPO, another successful exit and 80 investments in startups are just some of the accomplishments of today’s guest. Serial entrepreneurs and investor Martin Tobias has “retired” three times, but keeps finding interesting problems to solve. Currently CEO of Upgrade Labs which is one of the places in the world with the most awesome biohacking gear. Martin has started Upgrade Labs together with Dave Asprey who is often mentioned as the father of biohacking. They are building the biohacking gyms of the future where members reach their goals in less time enabled by advanced technology.


In this episode, Martin shares his biohacking journey, his leap from being a successful tech entrepreneur to shifting into the health optimization industry, and how his quest to treat his daughter’s alopecia made him dive into functional medicine to find the root cause. 


“The only one who is able to be responsible for your health is yourself. And if you outsource that to doctors, or psychiatrist or anybody, you’re not doing yourself a service, they will never know as much about you, then then you do. And you don’t have to be a doctor, you just have to be aware.” 

– Martin Tobias


01:24 – How Martin went from being a successful tech entrepreneur to diving into the health industry

02:30 – Dave Asprey’s 40 Years of Zen – Biohacking With Neurofeedback, how this helped Martin set his foundation into meditation

07:54 – His biohacking journey, how it started

13:38 – Common sense of using alternative medicine to cure injury and disease

16:38 – Multisystemic problems of modern western medicine, why specialization gets in the way of treatment because of not knowing anything about the other parts of the body

18:49 – All about UpgradeLabs, what they do and the services they offer

26:24 – The difference between a person with cancer and the one without, the ability to fight toxins

29:30 – Martin sharing his biohacking routine: His Best 6 Treatments

33:02 – Resources: Dave Asprey’s books

35:10 – Martin sharing Tony Robbins’ biohacking routine before onboarding the stage, how it helps Tony to optimize his performance better

37:30 – Upcoming 7th Biohacking Conference: What it is all about?

40:36 – Martin’s best advice






  1. Realize that you can make significant improvements in your health.
  2. Start to get some data about you and your body.
  3. Try things that match with your data, you’re likely to get much better results when you do it in a data-driven way. 



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