#27: Thomas Sylvest Håkansson – Finding a Way When The Doctors Say There is Nothing More To Do

health & fitness personal development podcast Apr 22, 2019

How do you deal with a chronic disease that the doctors say there is nothing to do about? What do you do when the healthcare system you have been depending on for years has not provided sufficient alleviation to what you are suffering from? This is something way too many people experience today. Thomas Sylvest was one of them and with a solid health background as a master in pharmaceutical science, he put his trust in new medicine for several years without seeing the results. That is when he embarked on a journey to learn more about functional medicine which has moved him from a wheelchair, lots of different medicine, and severe pain to today’s walking, having a child, living with little pain, and almost no medicine.  

Thomas shares his journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis and several other diseases that he has been affected by. He shares concrete tips for what has worked for him, what is backed by science, and how you can structure your own health journey – because what works for Thomas might not be the same that works for you. But the overall strategy is similar for finding solutions.



“So for me, it’s not about the quantities of food. We can survive on restricted calories, restricted calorie intake, but it’s the content of nutrients. It’s the mineral profiles. That’s the one that is important.”

 – Thomas Sylvest 


01:51 – What is he passionate about 

02:37 – How is it like dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis disease early on in his childhood

06:00 -The painful journey he had with the health care system that finds no alleviation to the disease he is having

11:44 – How did he start his journey to natural healing

13:57 – How your inflammatory disease relates to how your digestive system is doing

14:41 – His way of eating raw vegetables

18:58 – What is CRP and what does it tell you?

22:22 – What is elimination diet and how is it done and what foods to consider

 24:54 – What’s the deal with avocados

26:44 – Why the need for figuring out what works for you and the disease you have

27:41 – All about probiotics and prebiotics, what are the key things about them

29:16 – What does his everyday healing journey look like

30:55 – What is intermittent fasting and what are the benefits

34:00 – Why does he go barefoot

37:12 – Some more healthy stuff he does every day

38:36 – What are the important things to remember when juicing





  1. It’s your own journey. Take responsibility for this journey.
  1. The journey has bumps ahead, get strong support from loved ones and mentors.
  1. Just set your mind on the journey and you will conquer it.



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