#119: Nancy Duarte - The formula the best communicators use

career & education performance Oct 03, 2022

What made Steve Jobs such a powerful communicator?
Tune into this episode of Growth Island w/ Forbes-featured communication expert/bestselling author Nancy Duarte to find out, and more how translating numbers into narratives help you win in business.
In this talk, Nancy Duarte discusses the mechanics of making great presentations, the secrets to a powerful speech, and how to communicate better with your team and stakeholders. Drawing on real-world examples from her work with clients including Apple, Nancy provides concrete tips that will make you a more persuasive and effective communicator.
If you’re someone who aspires to transform into a flawless communicator, the expert tips shared by Nancy in this episode will definitely help you grow.

00:00 Coming Up
00:16 Introduction
1:33 How did Nancy get into speech and communication?
3:38 What makes a speech epic and impactful?
5:53 Nancy’s top three speeches of all time
8:03 Top tips for a great presentation
14:56 Suggestions about good presentations one can apply today
16:54 Does using busy, dense or heavy slides always work while presenting?
19:03 Common mistakes to avoid while presenting
21:20 Nancy’s experience with people’s attention span
21:45 One thing Nancy wishes she would’ve known 10 years ago
27:53 What differentiates Nancy from others in her field
28:39 How does Nancy overcomes her biggest challenges
31:03 Tips on how to communicate better with your spouse
32:39 Are we actually in heaven?
33:59 Industry misconceptions about communication that must be clarified
37:55 What does Duarte, Inc. do as a company
38:14 What does Nancy prefer doing these days
40:59 Where can people find Nancy Duarte
41:32 Three tips for a happy, healthy and meaningful life

Connect with Nancy Duarte
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nancyduarte
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nancyduarte/

Duarte, Inc. website: https://www.duarte.com/

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