#118: Lassi A. Likkanen - How to Build the Best Sauna and How To Use Sauna for Health

health & fitness Sep 19, 2022

Can going to saunas four times a week save you from a severe heart attack? Researchers says YES. 

In this video, we discuss the history and health benefits of saunas with Lassi A Liikkanen, author of the Amazon bestseller "The Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design". Lassi is also a renowned expert in the construction of saunas and takes us through Finland’s history and present state of sauna development and innovation. 

If you're interested in learning more about saunas, this is the perfect video for you!



00:00 Coming Up

00:15 Introduction

01:34 Lassi’s journey into sauna research

03:25 Health benefits of saunas

06:28 Are people always naked in Finnish saunas?

08:50 Key aspects while designing the ideal sauna

13:21 Types of heaters commonly used and why

16:19 Do electric heaters really emit negative ions?

19:03 Are the Finnish outraged about the protest against wood-burning heaters?

22:42 Quick Fire question round with Lassi about saunas

29:28 Is everyone slowly acknowledging the benefits of sauna?

31:47 Main difference between a good sauna and a bad sauna

33:42 How to ensure good ventilation in a sauna?

36:09 Lassi’s opinion on infrared and hybrid saunas

37:55 Common misconceptions about infrared saunas

39:41 Finland’s current state of sauna development and innovation

41:34 Discussing Lassi’s sauna hat

43:02 Lassi’s advice to people who want to visit saunas

45:18 Where can people find more about Lassi

46:11 Three tips for a happy, healthy and meaningful life


Connect with Lassi A. Liikkanen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lassial

LinkedIn: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/lassial



Website: https://saunologia.fi/

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