#117: Dr. Wayne Hall - The New Science About Psychedelics and How to Use Them

health & fitness performance personal development Sep 05, 2022

Are you curious about psychedelics and drugs? Let’s hear what the experts have to say. 

In today’s episode of Growth Island, Professor Wayne Hall discusses his research into psychedelics, their potential benefits and harms, and how they might be used to help people struggling with addiction. He also comments on recent developments in the field of psychedelic research, including the increasing popularity of microdosing.

Wayne Hall is an honorary professor at the University of Queensland's National Centre for Youth Substance Use Research. Wayne has advised the WHO on the health effects associated with cannabis use, the viability of drug substitution therapy, the scientific quality of the Swiss heroin trials, the contribution of illicit drug use to the global burden of disease, and the ethical implications of genetic and neurological addiction research.

If you’re curious about trying psychedelics and microdosing, the sheer knowledge and guidance offered by Wayne in this episode would undoubtedly help you make a wise decision.



00:00 Coming Up

00:24 Introduction

1:30 Wayne’s journey into researching about psychedelics

2:42 What are psychedelics?

4:47 Current status on research about Ayahuasca

7:35 How can psychedelics be used for treatment

10:39 Ketamine vs Psilocybin - which is safer?

12:38 The truth about microdosing

14:10 Finding the right funding for psychedelic research - easy or tough?

15:56 Who should be extra careful while trying microdosing

17:31 Where will psychedelics be viewed in society, ten years from now?

19:39 Why were psychedelics not a part of academia before?

22:37 Exploring the science-backed benefits of cannabis 

28:30 Biggest challenges in psychedelic research

30:08 How to stop being addicted to illicit drugs?

34:05 What guided Wayne to reach such career heights

36:16 Three tips for a happy, healthy and meaningful life

37:28 Where to find more about Wayne Hall


Connect with Wayne Hall

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wayne-hall





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