#109: Dr. Rutherford - Psychologist Discusses the Good, Bad and Ugly of Perfectionism

health & fitness love & relationship mental health personal development May 17, 2022

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Does being a perfectionist stop you from connecting with your emotional side? Or does it stem from unresolved trauma?


Well, it depends on what type of perfectionism you are referring to. YES, there are different types of perfectionists. This week's guest on Growth Island is an author, blogger, professor, Clinical Psychologist and has her own podcast.


Dr. Margaret Rutherford holds a PhD. in Clinical Psychology, is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She has been having a private practice for more than 29 years. She is the author of “Perfectly Hidden Depression” and runs her own podcast called “The Selfwork Podcast”


In this episode, we discuss:

👉 What is perfectionism and what are its types

👉 What are the traits of perfectionists

👉 How to deal with traumatic perfectionism

👉 The importance of self acceptance

👉 How to deal with anxious attachment

👉 And so much more…


If you or someone you know is a perfectionist, then you might want to check this episode out.


1:23 Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s journey to becoming a psychologist

4:40 Shifting focus to perfectionism

8:15 Types of perfectionist

10:32 How perfectionists can understand and work with their traits

15:37 Dealing with traumatic perfectionism

19:50 The importance of self acceptance

21:58 How to deal with anxious attachment as a result of a neglected childhood trauma

25:18 Where you can find Dr. Margaret Rutherford

26:27 Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s advice for a happy, healthy and meaningful life

Connect with Dr. Margaret Rutherford


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmargaretrutherford/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrMargaretRutherford  

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drmargaretrutherford/ 




Dr. Margaret Rutherford’s Website: https://drmargaretrutherford.com/ 

Perfectly hidden depression book: https://drmargaretrutherford.com/perfectlyhiddendepressionbook/ 

The Self worth Podcast: https://drmargaretrutherford.com/selfwork/

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