#106: Nelson Dellis - Memory Grandmaster Explains How To Improve Your Memory

Apr 05, 2022

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Does our memory grow weaker as we grow older? Is it inevitable that we forget more and mo- NOPE!

That’s one of many misconceptions we debunk in today’s talk with Nelson Dellis! He is a five-time USA Memory Champion and Grandmaster of Memory. He is also one of the co-founders of Memory League and runs the nonprofit Climb 4 Memory.

Safe to say, his passwords probably look like this - s6Kw4UmVgnC;>}c#5C

Jokes aside, I wanted to learn more about one of our core features - memory; the misconceptions surrounding it, how we can better it, and if good memory is something people are born with ( Again, NOPE.)


In this episode we discuss:

👉 Becoming a memory champion

👉 Our innate memory capacity

👉 Various ‘Memory Techniques’

👉 Foods that help with memory

👉 Getting into trouble for having a great memory

👉 Fun times to be had with having a great memory

👉 And so much more…


Memory is something a lot of us struggle with on many fronts. This episode will help you learn and understand how your memory works, allowing you to tackle and solve the problem you may be having.


Keynotes -

2:44 - Understanding 'Memory Techniques'

7:00 - How to remember names?

12:45 - How much memory capacity do we have?

20:57 - Your brain is trainable

23:38 - Foods that help with memory

34:26 - Tips for learning a language

38:22 - Common misconceptions about memory.

39:25 - Where can people find out about you?


Connect with Nelson Dellis

Instagram: Nelson Charles Dellis (@nelzor) • Instagram photos and videos

Twitter: climbformemory



Nelson’s Website: https://www.nelsondellis.com/

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