#103: Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein MD - Evidence-based, natural migraine treatments

Mar 08, 2022

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 What do you do when you get a migraine?

I take an alternating hot and cold shower, that's what works for me. Turns out that is one of the natural ways of soothing our nerves when we have a migraine. In this week's episode on the Growth Island, we have an expert on the topic.


Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein MD, a neurologist and headache specialist, he is the Professor of Neurology and Director, Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University. He is at the forefront of migraine research with numerous peer-reviewed publications under his belt (over 300), he is the Co-Director of the national and international Headache Guideline Project and the Chairman, headache research group of the World Federation of Neurology.


In this episode we discuss:

👉 What is a migraine and why does it occur?

👉 What are the triggers?

👉 The biological effects of migraine

👉 The natural remedies that are available

👉 What supplements are beneficial in treating it

👉 Precautions while fasting

👉 Meditations effect of migraines

👉 Current technological advances in this field

👉 And so much more…


If you or someone you know suffers from migraines and don’t know how to deal with it or just want to understand this topic at a deeper level, then this is the episode for you.



1:10 What is a migraine? Why does it occur?

7:57 What are the triggers 

11:22 Biological effect of migraine

12:25 What can you do about it

19:25 Diving into the natural remedies

21:47 What supplements are good for migraine

26:00 Why does fasting trigger migraine

30:27 Using meditation to your advantage

34:38 Using heat and cold to soothe the nerves

38:13 Current technological advances in migraine treatment

46:20 Deep breathing and its effect on migraine

47:12 How Dr. Stephen got interested in migraines 48:10 Where you can find out more about

49:20 Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein 3 advice to living a good life

Connect with Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein


Jefferson Health Profile: https://hospitals.jefferson.edu/find-a-doctor/s/silberstein-stephen.html 




Guidelines of migraine treatment: https://www.msdmanuals.com/en-in/professional/neurologic-disorders/headache 

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