#100: Ken Honda - What is Happy Money and How Can You Achieve it

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Are people who make a lot of money bad people?

This myth about money is very common and many people even believe it but it is not true.

Having the right mindset about money is key to understanding it.


My guest on this episode of Growth Island talks about happy money, Ken Honda has sold more than seven million copies of his books. From his financial experience as owner and director of several companies, his books are halfway between finance and personal development, he gives special attention to how to create personal wealth and happiness.


In this episode we discuss:

👉 What is happy money and how to generate it

👉 The connection between emotional intelligence and money

👉 Always remember your zero point

👉 How to become a millionaire

👉 The importance of partnership

👉 Misconceptions about money

👉 And so much more…


If you’re looking for the right mindset towards your wealth, then this episode is meant for you.


1:57 Ken shares about his journey

3:55 What is happy money

6:09 How to generate happy money

7:32 Ken dives into Emotional Intelligence and money

11:50 Remember you Zero point

14:57 What sets people who make happy money apart

17:22 How does one get to be a millionaire

23:40 Do what you love and let the money follow you

28:45 How important is partnerships

32:57 One of the many misconceptions about money

34:29 Ken’s routines & habits

39:26 Where to find Ken Honda


Connect with Ken Honda


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happykenhonda/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kenhondahappymoney 




Ken’s Website: https://kenhonda.com/ 

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