#1: Niels Vium – How to start your day and be productive at work

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How do I get the most out of the day? That is a question I often ask myself. I, therefore, got Niels Vium on the podcast. He is an expert on productivity and is the host of Mindcast which is one of the most popular danish podcasts on productivity. He has through his podcast interviewed some of Denmark’s most successful people and experts within different fields of productivity. He also works as a consultant in LEAD – enter next level where he helps companies to bring their employees' energy and productivity to the next level.  

Niels shares some of his best practices in this episode.

Show notes:

  • The morning routine that gets Niels ready for the day. 5:56
  • Why science says you should get outside as one of the first things in the morning, what it does to your sleep, and what hormones are affected. 7:25
  • How Niels meditate. 8:20
  • The morning smoothie that gets Niels ready for the day and that I also make. 10:41
  • How to be more productive at work with The Pomodoro Technique. 12:56
  • Why Niels listens to rain music when working. 16:03
  • How to organize the day and tasks. 20:01
  • Niels sleep routine and why it is important to sleep in a dark room. 23:00
  • How to reduce blue light in the evening. 28:36
  • Getting a balance between optimizing performance, health, and doing things that might not be optimal but feels good. 31:01   

3 tips from Niels:

  1. Make a conscious decision about how you want to live your life and what you do
  2. Use The Pomodoro Technique as an effective tool to reach your goals
  3. Sleep in a completely dark room

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